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Region 35 Regional Planning Committee

Region 35 encompasses the entire state of Oregon.  Currently Region 35 has two Regional Planning Committees for public safety spectrum bands; one for the 800 MHz band, and a second for the 700 MHz band.

Our Mission

800 MHz - In 1987, the FCC developed a National Plan for Public Safety Radio Services that set national guidelines for use of the 800 MHz spectrum while allowing regional public safety planning committees to develop regional plans tailored to their areas own particular communications needs. 

700 MHz - In the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, Congress directed the FCC to reallocate spectrum in the 700 MHz band to commercial and public safety services from its previous exclusive use for television broadcasting service on channels 60-69.  The Regional Planning Committee (RPC) held its first planning meeting on January 16, 2002.  The RPC's immediate job is to develop a "plan" for the public safety 700 MHz frequencies.

Important News

The Region 35 700 MHz Plan is Approved

Download Approved Plan


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Contact Information

700 MHz RPC Chairman: Joe Kuran:  jkuran@wccca.com

800 MHz RPC Chairman:  Wayne Siver: Wayne.A.Siver@doc.state.or.us